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This is one of the most infamous courts in Broome County with a multitude of State Troopers and local officers patrolling the roadways, waiting for speeders trying to make their way Upstate or back down to Pennsylvania from Canada. Interstate I-81 passes right through the middle of the town and, as such, we see a lot of high 4-point and 6-point speeding tickets (VTL 1180B, VTL 1180D, and some Work Zone tickets – VTL 1180F). It also seems to be a popular place for commercial drivers to be cited with criminal misdemeanors and transportation law tickets like Logbook Violations as well as equipment violations.

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Even if you are not a CDL driver, be particularly aware to obey all posted speed limits and other traffic signs in this area or you may end up with a full-size sheet of paper called a “Uniform Traffic Ticket” (the second page is the Supporting Deposition). If you do, be sure to read it carefully and send an answer of Guilty or Not Guilty by the due date. Answering your summons on-time is one qualification for the Broome County Traffic Diversion program that provides a way for drivers to have their charges dropped – guaranteed. Otherwise, if you would like to speak with a New York traffic attorney, our office is available and we have a lot of experience in this court. Call or send us an email anytime for a free consultation (you can use the form provided on the right side of the page).

Court Information

Address: 151 Hyde Street, Castle Creek, NY 13744
Phone: (607) 648-6961
Official Website: gobroomecounty.comcourts
Court Schedule: Please see official website.


About the Town of Barker

Barker is a small, Broome County town just north of Johnson City and Binghamton. Interestingly, even the Wikipedia entry for this place recognizes it as a traffic ticket center, particularly for students traveling to and from Ithaca College and Cornell University. (So you know we’re not just hyping it up).

According to that same Wiki entry (sorry, but there doesn’t seem to be any official web page for the court besides the mention on the Broome County site above), Barker was officially formed in 1831 with some of that coming from the neighboring town of Lisle. The town encompasses three unincorporated Hamlets (not the play) – Chenango Forks, Hydesville, and Itaska. Other than that, talk to Attorney Rakesh Joshi – he knows the place inside and out.