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At the intersection of Interstates I-81, I-88, and I-86, the city of Binghamton is a hot bed of traffic violations. Speeding, unsafe lane change, following too close, A.U.O., U.P.M., D.W.I., you name it – we see it all. State Troopers mouths must be watering as they see all the hurried drivers coming up from Pennsylvania and New York City and down from Albany and Canada to drop their little darlings off at Binghamton University. Not only that, but a lot of truck drivers and other transportation professionals pass through here on interstate business because of the main highways.

That’s the main reason we get lots of calls about Transporation Law issues like Logbook Violations (misdemeanors) and driving out of class. If you need help with any kind of VTL violation or crime, contact us. When you hire us, a binghamton traffic lawyer with a great deal of experience will handle your case personally and help you decide the best solution for your particular matter. Whether that means a trial, plea bargain, or enrollment in the Traffic Diversion program, we can save you hundreds of dollars and help keep your license clean and clear of points. Consultations are free of charge.

Court Information

Address: City Hall, Governmental Plaza, 38 Hawley St., 5th Floor, Binghamton, NY13901
Phone: (607) 772-7006
Fax: (607) 772-7041
Official Website:… (Has a lot of good information for each court – Civil, Criminal, Traffic, etc.)
Hours: Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.
Court Schedule: Please call court for schedule and D.A. nights
Corporation Counsel:


About the City of Binghamton

Once known as “Chenango Point”, the city of Binghamton is the county seat of Broome County and principal city of the Greater Binghamton Metropolitan area, the most populous area in central New York’s Southern Tier. It lies at the intersection of the Chenango and Susquehanna rivers and was once a manufacturing hub for defense firms. According to Wiki, it was first settled by Europeans during the Revolutionary War and, today, is the home of Binghamton University and the Kopernik Space Center.