Speeding Tickets: New York § VTL 1180

In General

Every year, State Troopers and local officers issue thousands and thousands of speeding tickets along the highways and back-country roads of every square mile of the Empire State. From Manhattan to Plattsburgh, from Albany to Buffalo and everywhere in between, there are local justice courts and Traffic Violation Bureaus filled to the brim with drivers and their attorneys fighting speeding charges. It’s a huge source of revenue to New York state and supports a multitude of traffic ticket defense firms – ours included.

Tickets also help to keep drivers in check, drivers who might otherwise ignore posted speed limits (as well as other traffic laws), possibly causing damage and injury to themselves and those around them. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 1,169 traffic fatalities in New York state in 2011, almost one-third of which were speeding-related [source].

As the pressure of daily life requires us to go faster and do more with the little time we have, many of us are often willing to take the risk or justify ourselves, saying that modern cars are capable of maneuvering at high speeds and, of course, we are expert drivers.  Few and far between are the drivers that do not speed as the common consensus is that we’re ok as long as we stay at about 10-12 over the limit.

Someday, sometime, though, you will get caught and are made to face the reality of dealing with a ticket. Whether it’s a legitimate stop that you are willing to admit or whether you feel you have been falsely accused, when that day comes let us know. We have logged thousands of hours in local traffic courts defending cases from as low as 10mph over the limit to speeds in excess of 150mph. Some of our clients are dealing with their first speeding ticket ever. Others have a long history of traffic violations of every kind.

 Learn About VTL 1180: Speed Restrictions

Ah yes, speeding tickets. Nobody wants one, everybody gets one – at least one. And with so many different types to choose from, it’s no wonder we stay so busy. Section 1180 of New York’s Vehicle & Traffic Laws contains subsections describing each type of speed-related violation along with rules for punishments include hefty fines and jail time. To learn more about each type of speeding ticket, click on the links below to our dedicated pages: