Typical Fines for Speeding in the Binghamton Area

In our experience, the typical fine for a speeding ticket in Binghamton usually ends up being about $150.00. Remember, however, that a fine is only one of the several financial consequences you face if you are convicted or plead guilty to a speeding violation. Not only is a mandatory State Surcharge of $80-$85 attached to every speeding conviction but you may also be required to pay a $300 (minimum) Driver Assessment Fee to New York DMV for excessive points.

Fine ranges for New York speeding tickets by Subsection:

  • VTL 1180A: $45 – $150
  • VTL 1180B: $45 – $600
  • VTL 1180C: $90 – $1,000
  • VTL 1180D: $45 – $600
  • VTL 1180E: $45 – $150
  • VTL 1180F: $180 – $1,200
  • VTL 1180G: $90 – $600

* If this is your second speeding conviction in an 18-month period, your fine will be automatically increased by $150.

To learn more about each VTL 1180 subsection (from general speeding to using radar detectors), check out our other pages or call our office. Your ticket will indicate which specific subsection of the law you are accused of violating.


Why Hire A Lawyer?

Traffic tickets are serious business in New York state and should not be taken lightly or disregarded. Failure to answer your ticket or pay fines will usually result in the suspension of your license and additional legal troubles and fees – even if you live outside of New York state. This is why so many people choose to hire a traffic lawyer to represent them in these “routine” cases.

If you get a speeding ticket in the Binghamton area, contact us by phone or email. We are highly experienced and we would be happy to help. In the end, we may be able to save you a trip to court, protect your record from points, and save you hundreds of dollars in fines and other fees.